14 July 2010

Privacy Policy


This website may ask data from the users, which is convenient personal identification, allow contact with the users to ensure the services, or to complete the requested transaction. The requested data could contain the personal name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Occasionally the website records the data of the visit, for example the name of the internet service, IP address, the date of the visit, the visited pages and the starting point of the arrival on this website. With this data the operator improve the efficiency of the website, analyze the current trends and supervise the website.

The operator ensures that the users can cancel the service of the newsletter or the sales letter at any time.

The requested personal data and the automatically recorded data of visits are used only for the operation of the website, visitor stats or transactions and services, which are allowed by the users. The operator does not let anybody know, except the statutory cases.

The operator modifies the Privacy Policy periodically; this is indicated by the date above. The further usage of the services means the acceptance of the Privacy Policy.


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