Freeware subtitle editor

The SRTEditor is a freeware subtitle editor.
The well-known SRT files can be managing width it. The software supports advanced features, like sound picture display, or automatic correction.

Actual version: 1.6    Status: Freeware

D o w n l o a d


Before downloading please read the usage conditions!

Installation information

It is not necessary to install the software. The downloaded ZIP file has to be extract to a folder, what you created for this purpose. After the extracting the SRTEditor.exe immediately run. The program does not write in other folder or registry.

The program starts with the english interface.

Main features

You can easily create new subtitle files, or modify the existing. The graphical wave diagram, created by the built-in sound picture generator, facilitates the positioning of subtitles. The time code can be modified as you writing the subtitle. « furthermore »

System requirements

The system requirements are the same like the requirements of the video, so it can be used in every Windows system, where the video can play with the built-in media player in acceptable quality. The software uses the DirectShow filters, which were installed in the operating system.


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