door and window manufacturer software package

We have working in the WinMaker software for the Foton Ltd. since 2001. Now it contains almost the complete business process, so it has become a full corporate governance system.

Over the years we have building many of functions in the system, from the basic business processes to the website editor and maintenance function of the customer relationship module.

On this page we want to present the main features of the software.


Construction editing, which contains the detailed determination of the master data, defining the structure and composition of the doors or windows, creating constructions placed side by side. Template-like structure management for the quickness.

Fast business process because of the certificates can be transferred onto each other. From the bid can be easily created acknowledgement, from this can be created survey report, installation worksheet, manufacturing sheet, supplier order, delivery and bill.

Production optimization and control, which includes the whole manufacturing process, like the preparation of the production plan, the custom composition of the production program, or the control of the automatic machines. Optimization of the production program and the profile cutting.

More than 140 queries, which are producing much more printable lists width the help of many parameters.

The WinMaker Partner Module can be installed for the resellers, which is updated automatically. Width the help of this mechanism, the orders can be uploaded directly to the producer's server.

Customer relationship can be managed widely. Websites editing and maintenance.

Further information can be found on the website of the Foton door and window.


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