14 July 2010

Terms and Conditions

This website allows access to different sources, included pictures, graphics, scripts, developer tools, software, studies and product information (further: Creations), which are all subjects of the Terms and Conditions.


All of the Creations are made by Peter Mark Wittmann (further: Author) and all are subjects of copyright. Without the permission of the Author the Creations cannot be published on another website, the exceptions will be particular define.

The downloadable software is subject of the End-User License Agreement, which is attached to the relevant software. The software can be used only the way of the License Agreement.

The Creations can be used only width personal responsibility. The Author does not assume responsibility for data loss, little benefit or any other damage, which is caused by the software intended or non-intended use.

It is prohibited to take (or attempt to take) any material or information which is not deliberately available. It is prohibited to upload viruses, Trojan, corrupted files and any file or software, which can do harm for other computers. It is also prohibited to gather information about a third person.

The operator if this website reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without previous message. The further usage of the services means acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.


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